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In the Guest Room

The Occupancy Sensor detects if the room
is occupied with an infrared sensor. If the
room is occupied, the PTAC operates
normally. If the room is unoccupied, after a
fixed period of time sensor signals the PTAC
to go into a 'set-back' mode. This 'set-back'
adjusts room temperature to reduce unit
energy consumption. The property owner
can change both the time until set-back
and the set-back temperature.

The Remote Thermostat operates just like
the thermostat in the guest's house, making
them feel more at home. It also can be
used to program the DigiSmart™ PTAC. And
unlike other PTACs, the remote thermostat
and the unit control operate simultaneous
and echo each other. Change the
temperature setting on the remote and the
same change will appear on the PTAC.

All Amana® DigiSmart™ PTACs come fully
equipped with all the software and
processing power needed to run the

DigiSmart energy management software.

When the Gateway Antenna is added, the

PTAC can be linked to the Occupancy

Sensor and Remote Thermostat by the

click of a button on each unit. And the

PTAC will communicate with the

Platform Controller and property front



DigiSmart In-Room
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