PMC153G - DigiAIR®

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner

  • With Factory Installed DigiAIR® Make-up Air unit  
  • EER = 9.5
  • Voltage 230/280V
Amna PTAC DIGIAIR Products

* Complete warranty details available from your local dealer or at We will repair or replace,free of charge (to include labor, freight and new refrigerant if required), any part of a PTAC unit or Amana® brand accessory or factory installed custom option, that prove to be defective due to workmanship or materials within the first year after the date of purchase.


Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner

  • Dehumidification configurable to activate when outdoor RH is between 15% and 60%
  • Configurable via PTAC touch pad or optional web interface
  • Permanent washable filter
  • Up to 75 CFM outdoor make-up air
  • Assembled in Fayetteville, TN, USA
  • 250 Watt supplemental heater (optional)
  • Amana brand PTAC is AHRI certified

Specifications & Literature+

Voltage 230/280V
Capacity (BTU/h) 15,000
EER 9.5