Amana PTAC Products

Our diligent approach to quality is a point of difference in Amana® brand products. Besides, it's just what you'd expect from an industry leader. To learn more about Amana brand PTACs, please continue to browse this site.
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  • Premium Amana® brand Quality
  • Premium Energy Management System
  • Outstanding Performance and Comfort

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PTAC Accessories


  • Wall Sleeves
  • Outdoor Grilles
  • Condensate Drain Kit
  • Sub-base Kit

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PTAC Electrical Accessories

  • ​Remote Escutcheon Kit
  • Wire Harness Kit
  • Hard-Wire Kit
  • Power Disconnect Switch
  • Fuse-Holder Kit
  • Circuit Breaker Kit
  • Power Vent Kit
  • condensate Removal Pump Kit
  • Power Door Kit
  • Hydronic Heat Kit

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PTAC Non-Electrical Accessories

  • Leveling Legs
  • Duct Extension Kit (Main Duct & Transition)
  • Duct Extension Kit (Terminal & Grille)
  • Condenser Baffle Kit
  • Sub-base Extension Cover Kit
  • Security Key Locks

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  • EER as high as 10.0
  • COP as high as 2.9
  • Cool with electric heat models

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  • EER as high as 9.8
  • COP as high as 2.9
  • 3.5 kW-rated electric heater available for 208/230v models

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TTW Accessories

  • Outercase Sleeve
  • Cover Panels

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  • EER as high as 9.0
  • COP as high as 3.0
  • Available with electric heat or hydronic heat

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  • Dehumidify your make-up air when you really need to, with the new Amana® brand PTAC DigiAIR® module.
  • When you need the ability to bring in outside make-up air into your room through the PTAC — the Amana brand DigiAIR can assist with up to 75 CFM of outside air.

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