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Key components of a DigiSmart EMS

DT01G RF Wireless Antenna

The antenna communicates to the Amana® brand DigiSmart suite of devices via an encrypted 2.4 Ghz signal.

DS01E Remote-Mounted Thermostat
The large LED display and color-coded temperature controls provide easy controls for guest comfort.

DD01E Motion Sensor/Door Switch
The occupancy sensor is a combination door-switch and room motion sensor.

DL01G DigiLink Controller
The controller communicates via antenna to each Amana brand DigiSmart PTAC equipped with a gateway antenna.

Specifications & Literature+

Total Guest Comfort Controls

Accurate temperature control in one degree increments

True occupancy detection via the wireless door switch and occupancy sensor ensures guest comfort while the room is occupied and energy savings when not.

Comfort assurance as the unit returns to the temperature set point when a room becomes occupied.

Auto heat ensures that when in heating mode the heat strip is engaged if the compressor cannot meet the guest comfort level request.

Total fan control allows the guest to select fan speed and continuous or non-continuous fan operation for their comfort.

Optional BacNet control functionality can be achieved using a third-party BAS (Building Automation System).