Wall Sleeve - PTAC Accessories

Our insulated, stone-wood beige metal sleeves with industry standard dimensions are shipped with a weather board for use during construction.



Amana PTAC Accessories


42" (W) x 16 1/16" (H) x 14⅛" (D)

The WS900E is an industry-standard depth of 14⅛". The extra-deep sleeves can be custom ordered starting at 16" to 24" in 1" increments as well as from 28" to 36".

Sleeves may be shipped separately to allow for installation during construction.

Specifications & Literature+

WS9003 Standard 14⅛" Depth
WS9003-GS Heavy Sound Isolation Sleeve
WS900SC Seacoast triple protected
WS9**D1-INTERNAL Extra deep internal drain only for
window-wall installations
(DK900D sold separately)
WSD900D-INTERNAL Internal Drain only for
window-wall installations
(DK900D sold separately)
(** = " Deep)
Extra-Deep (16" to 24", 
28", 30" and 36")


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