Sub-Base Kit - PTAC Accessories

Amana PTAC Sub-Base Kit


Required for 265V unit.

The fully skirted sub-base conceals wiring and provides strong support. Plug-in receptacle and field-wiring access speed installation.

Electrical accessories meet NEC requirements; can be installed in the unit sub-base.

Sub-base may be installed onto wall sleeve either before or after sleeve installation.Minimum clearance between wall sleeve bottom and finished floor is 3¾"; maximum height clearance from bottom of wall sleeve and finished floor is 5".

Minimum clearance between wall sleeve flange and finished wall is 2¾".

Specifications & Literature+

PTSB320QW 230/208V 15/20A
PTSB330QW 230/208V 30A
PTSB420QW 265V 15/20A
PTSB430QW 265V 25A
PTSB215QW 115V 15A
PTSB000QW Non-Electrical


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